We untangle complications for the mind and complexities through Interweaving.


Description: a person practicing Interweaving.

Note: An Interweaver is aware of the manifold and varied connections that relate peoples identity, beings, doings, belonging, becoming, and fortunes to one another.

Interweaving (verb)

Description: The practicing of Interweave Thinking.

Note: A practice that aims to realise worthwhile benefits over the whole life cycle of an organisation, community, product, or any other unit-of-interest.

Interweave Thinking

Description: a situated human centric, work oriented, and instrumental mindset and lens on what is most important in an interweaved world.

Interweave: (noun)

Description: what is most important (salient) to people in work they do with others and how people and things fit, act, and evolve together across socially and technically constructed and natural boundaries.

Interweaving practice

Description: a proven way or strategy of Interweaving to achieve a goal that has a positive impact on work product or process quality.